Saturday, December 27, 2014

Detoxing After The Holidays

The new year is upon us and it’s a great time to detox your body for a new beginning.
New beginnings are a great way to start over, have a clean slate and basically give yourself a chance to do things differently. It’s also a way to have a spiritual slant on things and go into cleansing and healing mode. Detoxing not only strengthens your physical body, but also cleanses your mind. After indulging during the holidays with rich, heavy foods, sweet desserts and an overabundance of carbs—January is the perfect time to start a cleanse. Detoxing is also wonderful for when you have overindulged in alcohol, cocktails at parties, and tobacco. There are some wonderful and simple things you can do to simply purify your body. Avoiding foods such as sugar, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, dairy products, wheat, and coffee is crucial to cleanse your system. You should eat healthy foods such as fruits, veggies and raw foods. This is a good time to eat plenty of salads, colorful antioxidant rich foods and juicing is a wonderful thing to do during
a detox. The duration of a detox depends on how much you have indulged, but it shouldn’t be too long. The idea is to basically pull toxins from your system and replace with healing nutrients and also engage in some natural healing—then resume with healthier behaviors.

One simple method in detoxifying your body is with a tea that is high in antioxidants and specifically formulated to help strengthen your system.  Neal’s Yard Remedies has wonderful products that are natural, eco-friendly, sustainable, cruelty-free and support a wonderfully healthy lifestyle. You can try their Organic Detox Tea with Burdock & Nettle. It’s a cleansing brew to help purify the body that has purifying burdock, nettle and dandelion, with soothing plantain and cleansing red clover to encourage detoxification, improve skin health and boost vitality.

Another great product from Neal’s Yard Remedies is their New Organic Greens Complex which is a Superfood—with purifying chlorella, which helps detoxify and boosts well being. This easy to use organic blend of essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements is supercharged with goodness to support the gut, brain and building of muscles. Enjoy sprinkled over food, as a tasty smoothie, a nutritious juice booster, or even as a shot. It contains key ingredients such as Spirulina Powder—an antioxidant and promotes vitality. Spinach Powder – Rich in chlorophyll to help maintain a healthy alkaline balance. Parsley Powder – Supports healthy function of the kidneys . Chlorella Powder – Purifying and supports immunity. Seagreens Wild Wrack – Helps support healthy digestion. Barley Grass Powder, Wheat Grass Powder – Raw food source of essential nutrients. Green Tea Powder Extract – Promotes breakdown of fats and also Acerola Cherry Powder Extract
– an excellent source of vitamin C. and Oat Grass Powder – which beneficially promotes the body’s detoxification

A wonderful way to also detox along with food and tea is with a calming bath. There are a few different types of baths you can take to help in detoxifying. A salt bath can help to pull toxins out of the body, as well as provide extra benefits to your skin. You can also try a bath with ginger. You can try grating fresh ginger and put it into the bath or sprinkle in some ginger powder. Ginger increases sweating and helps to pull toxins out, similar to taking a sauna or sitting in a steam room. This in turn causes increased energy, gives you a feeling of warmth and helps with symptoms of an oncoming cold. Another fabulous bath is a Seaweed Detox Bath. Neal’s Yard Remedies makes an amazing detox product called Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath, which is restorative when you are overtired. It contains infusions of mineral-rich seaweed, comfrey and arnica with pure essential oils of lemon, pine, juniper and lavender to ease tired muscles.

You can also toss some Epsom salts into the bath to help detox—these help to pull toxins out of your system. The benefits of a detox bath are a more purified and healthy body. You can expect most detox baths to cause you to sweat excessively to pull toxins out, while some use aromatherapy to help relax the mind and detox you by helping to release and let go of worry and stress. Remember to drink plenty of water after a hot bath.

Massage is another rejuvenating and relaxing way to detox and release tension from tired, sore and tense muscles. There are many different types of massage, including Swedish, aromatherapy and deep tissue. However a detox massage is especially good at helping your body to eliminate toxins. It’s an excellent way to help your body get rid of the toxins and pollutants that build up during every day and can help restore your sense of well-being. A detox massage is a type of gentle manipulation that focuses mainly on the lymphatic system of the body. Neal’s Yard Remedies has an excellent product called Detox Toning Oil—great to use when getting a massage— which helps to tone and detoxify the body. It contains essential oils that are used for lymphatic drainage.
Remember to drink lots of water after such a treatment, to help your body flush out the toxins as soon as possible. One important thing to remember is that detoxing to is to help detox your liver and keep it unclogged so it works at its optimum.

A new year is approaching and a healthier you is easily achievable with these simple steps in detoxing your body. The great news is most of these are inexpensive ways to help your body purify itself, while indulging in healthy and natural healing for a better feeling you.

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