Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Improve Your Workout

Canyon Ranch has released a list of four simple tips to improve a workout routine, as recommended by their fitness professi­onals. If you offer fitness in your spa or have active clients, you may want to pass on the following.

1. Mix It Up.

If you aren’t seeing the results that you are looking for, it might be a good time to change things up. Try something new like a dance, yoga or pilate’s class. For a more intense workout, try aerial yoga or a strength and cardio combo workout.

2. Don’t Go Solo.

Working out with a partner will help you stay motivated and focused. Additionally, you can challenge yourself and a friend to a little friendly competition.

3. Tech it Up. 

Fitness apps and trackers make organizing your workouts and progress easier. It can also help you pinpoint where you might be lacking in your workouts.

4. When in Doubt, Ask for Help.

Simply stumped on why you aren’t progressing? Or, need a little guidance? Find a personal trainer. They can help you create a personalized workout routine that fits your lifestyle.
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