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weight loss in the new year

We’ve all been there: New Year’s Eve swings around and we tell our friends, family, extended family, strangers and extended strangers that this is the year we’re finally going to lose weight for good. No more burgers, no more pies, and no more sugary treats. This is it – a new year, a new us.
But just a few days into the new year and we’re already sneaking cupcakes into the office, sipping happy hour cocktails, and ordering greasy food. 
“I’ll start again next year!” we cry, our mouths stuffed with cake.
One of the reasons lots of us find it hard to stick to a new diet is that we approach weight loss in the wrong way. Instead of tweaking our routine, we go for an all or nothing, victory or death approach. To this end, we cut out all of our favorite foods and leave ourselves with a plate of spinach and a cup of detox tea. Unappetising, or what?
If you want to lose weight faster and keep it off, let’s take a look at the 10 best ways to do it.
Shop On A Full Stomach
If you’ve ever shopped on an empty stomach, you’ll have no doubt ended up with the world’s biggest ever shopping bill
You’ll have bought lots of pizzas, burgers, cakes and biscuits because that’s exactly what you felt like as you dashed around the supermarket aisles starving to death.
To prevent yourself from stocking up on all the wrong foods, it’s a good idea to do your shopping on a full stomach. This will ensure you shop rationally and stick to your list.
Move During TV Commercials
URGH. We all hate TV commercials. Just when you’re really getting into a TV drama (or the news, as my husband does), a commercial appears and really makes you mad.
What do you usually do during those five minutes? Flick through your phone? Stalk someone on Facebook?
Instead, why not use your time productively by skipping during the commercial break? You could also run up and down the stairs or dance – in fact, anything that gets you moving.
Eat A Hearty Breakfast
I admit that I was one of those women who always used to skip breakfast. I convinced myself that I had no time to eat in the morning, and I knew I could grab a few snacks as soon as I got into work.
The problem with this is that you’re missing out on vital nutrients early in the day, and fattening yourself up on sugary snacks instead.

Eating a nutritional breakfast that is crammed with protein and fibre ensures your day gets off to the right start. It loads you with energy, and stops you from overeating during the morning on weight-gaining snacks.
Climb The Stairs
I used to be a big elevator user. Even if my room or office was only on the first floor, I’d still get in the elevator.
Using the stairs instead will help you to burn extra calories. You don’t need to get silly and climb 8 or more flights of stairs, but if your room is just three flights up, climbing the stairs will help you to lose weight quicker.
Socialise Differently
“Fancy a drink?”
It’s a common question among friends. After work, there is no better way to catch up with your mates and unwind than nipping down to the local pub for a few cocktails and glasses of wine.
If you’re trying to lose weight and keep it off, it’s a good idea to alter your routine. Instead of spending happy hour in the pub, why not suggest to your friends that you all try a different, more physical activity? Perhaps you could all go cycling or walking together, or maybe you could go for a morning jog.
Cut Out Alcohol
Alcohol is fun, and there is nothing more fun than letting your hair down with your girls at the weekend. But alcohol comes at a price if you’re struggling to lose weight. While you might be doing everything else right, alcohol could be the weakest link that is letting you down.
You don’t have to eliminate alcohol completely, but cutting down on your current intake will help you to lose more weight.
Eat More Fruit And Veg
You never hear of a person putting lots of weight on who eats lots and lots of fruit and vegetables. In fact, they tend to lose weight.
You might say that you dislike fruit and veg. But it could be that you haven’t yet found your favorites. There is a wide variety of food produce available, and finding your niche is a case of experimenting and trying different things.
When I was a young girl, I though the only vegetables that existed were peas, carrots and spinach because that’s all my mom fed me. I hated them. But as I’ve since discovered, there is an amazing world of great produce out there just waiting to be discovered.
Eat From Smaller Plates
The all or nothing approach means that instead of eating pizza two or three times a week, we no longer eat it at all.
But this isn’t necessary, and you don’t need to be so miserable. Instead, why not just eat from smaller plates? This is a simple trick that means you can still eat your favorite foods – just less of them.
Walk It Off
If you were like me, you were probably taught from a young age that you shouldn’t do anything immediately after eating a meal. Why? Because doing so will affect your digestion, giving you stomach ache.
This is not true. If you’re trying to lose weight fast, going for a walk after eating is a great way to burn a few calories. As long as you take it easy and don’t break out into a sprint, you’ll be just fine. Your body is stronger than you think!
Eat Plenty Of Fibre
Fibre is an essential nutrient that makes you feel full for longer. As such, eating more of it will ensure that you’ll be less tempted to snack on other foods.
Fibre is found in plant-based, healthy foods, such as brown rise, oatmeal, lentils and beans.
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