Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Secret Ingredient to Feeling Good in your Body podcast

 The state or feeling of being pleased or gratified.   A source of enjoyment or delight
an agreeable or enjoyable sensation or emotion:
2. something that gives or affords enjoyment or delight
a feeling of happiness, satisfaction graifcation

 Marla Mervis-Hartmann Teds Talk


Do you love your body?

As creator of Love Your Body Love Yourself, Marla Mervis-Hartmann assists women in finding a “YES!” to that question.
After years of struggling with her own dysfunctional body-relationship Marla has transformed her experiences into services to help women honor & appreciation for their bodies.
Professionally, Marla has been featured at TEDx Salinas. She was the leading body image expert & Reiki Master at Journey Malibu, a Rehabilitation center. Marla has followed her passion for women’s health down many paths including women’s sexual wellness; postpartum care; Restore Your Core educator; Tantra teacher certification & Yoga teacher training.This collected body of knowledge shines through in her offerings of Love Your Body Love Yourself. In her work, Marla is devoted to empowering women to feel good about themselves & to live a thriving life.
She lives in LA where she works as a coach, speaker, facilitator & Reiki Master/Teacher.

her message helps women love their bodies and love themselves. 
she assist women who can’t stop thinking about what they look like.
 They hate their bodies and feel controlled by food. 
These women think about food A LOT. These women have big dreams and visions 
for their lives, however are stuck in the diet/binge cycle. They want to stop dieting, b
\ut are afraid of gaining weight. They eat secretly and then eat more because they 
feel guilty for eating in the first place. Gaining or maintaining weight is their highest priority. 
Through her own tumultuous experience with an eating disorder and recovering through Reiki, 
Tantra and other spiritual practices, today she will share her my own experience with an
 eating disorder and The Importance of Pleasure in your relationship with Food, your body 
Exercise  and the
Importance of Pleasure in loving oneself

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